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Overview XTrack Bot is a revolutionary tool designed to bring the power of web3 analytics directly into your Telegram groups. It allows users to track the movements of key followers and mentions related to any ticker $ or handle @, providing an unparalleled advantage in the fast-paced world of web3. Getting Started Requirement: Verify your tier on telegram via our Dapp to activate X Track

  1. Integration: Add Xtrack_data_bot to your Telegram group or initiate it in a private chat

  2. Permissions: Ensure the bot has the necessary permissions to post messages if integrating into a group

  3. Activation: Use the bot's commands to start tracking desired tickers or mentions

Key Features

  • Key Followers Tracking: Monitor and get alerts on the latest followings by influential accounts for any specified ticker or handle

  • Mentions Tracking: Keep tabs on how often and by whom a particular ticker or handle is mentioned

Utilizing XTrack Bot

  • Track a Handle: Use /key_followers @HANDLE or /key_mentions @HANDLE to discover key accounts is following or engaging with specific influencers or projects

  • Track a Ticker: Use /key_calls $TICKER to get insights on who's following or mentioning a particular $Cashtag.


Q: How do I add XTrack Bot to my Telegram group? A: Search for XTrack Bot in Telegram, and select "Add to Group" from the bot's profile menu.

Q: Can I use XTrack Bot in a private chat? A: Yes, you can initiate XTrack Bot in a private chat for personal use and tracking.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of tickers or handles I can track? A: Limits may apply based on your subscription tier. Please refer to our pricing for detailed information.

XTrack Bot is your gateway to master the degen market dynamics by staying updated on key social movements and mentions. Integrate this powerful tool into your Telegram groups or personal chat now!

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