📈AI Discoveries

The AI Discoveries Dashboard is your gateway to staying ahead of the curve, enabling users to discover, analyse and act on potential project opportunities at the earliest stage.


The AI Discoveries Dashboard aggregates real-time data to provide users with actionable insights into emerging or potentially lucrative web3 projects. By cutting through the noise, the dashboard highlights projects that are gaining traction, identifies key sentiment trends and predicts possible future movements.

Key Features Overview

  1. Real-Time Discovery:

    • Discover the next emerging projects through key leaders social data analysis, before it becomes mainstream.

  2. Trending Project Ranking:

    • Keep your finger on the pulse with updates on which projects are gaining traction across different timeframes.

  3. Personal Project Watchlist:

    • Keep a close eye on projects that interest you. Our customizable watchlist ensures you never miss an update on your favorite ventures.

  4. Voting Rights:

    • Contribute to the DataBot community by voting on discoveries. Your input helps refine our insights.

  5. Advanced Filtering:

    • Drill down to what matters most with filters for chain, category, launch date, discovery score, follower count, and more to come.

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